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37Ton Side Lifters Trailer
37Ton Side Lifters Trailer

37Ton Side Lifters Trailer

Production Description:

37ton Side Lifter Trailer can provide 20ft and 40ft container delivery.

Side loader chassis with reinforced design, can carry 80 tons of force, service life of more than ten years.

Side loader crane can control its legs and hanger within 30m. This technology provides convenience and safety for the operator.

37Ton Side Lifters Trailer for Sale

37Ton Side Lifters Trailer for Sale

Container Side Loader Trailer Price

Container Side Loader Trailer Price

45Ton Side Lifter Trailer

45Ton Side Lifter Trailer 




Max.lifting capacity :37 ton

Funtion:20/40 foot container side lift trailer

Trailer Chassis:14100mm * 2500mm *4100mm

Axles:3 axles

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Tire:12 units

King pin:90#

Hydraulic pump: Gear type Casappa Italy

Hydraulic direction control valves: AMCA Holand

Motor: Japanese Kubota diesel engine


Knowledge about 37Ton Side Lifters Trailer for sale:

How to check the hydraulic system every month?

1. Check hydraulic oil level every day, add it if necessary

2. Check hydraulic pipeline, tube joint and cylinder, if leak oil, tighten the joints or replace seals if found leak oil

3. Check wear for slide pads, replace it if wear

4. Clean operation valve surface

5. Clean or replace hydraulic oil filter core every 6 months, remove oil plug, drain the oil, then remove the shell, clean or replace filter core

6. Keep hydraulic oil free of dust, filter hydraulic oil every 4 to 6 months. filter precision is 10, replace it if you found turbidity, dirty etc abnormal phenomenon, and clean oil tank, replace hydraulic oil every year