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1. What is Sidelifters?

2. How to use the wireless remote about the side lifters?

3. Benefits of Using Side Lifter Trailer

1. What is Sidelifters?

TITAN Sidelifter adopts remote control which is made to order for the ambient environment, performance need, operation process, and standard, What we used is a wireless remote control, its receiver needs to fixed installation, The protection grade of the receiver is very high, it can be installed in the open air. but it may prolong the service life of the receiver is installed in the electric control cabinet.

TITAN Sidelifter Trailer includes 20ft self loader truck, 20ft, 40ft side lifter crane. TITAN side lifter is becoming more and more popular. Side lift crane trailers are designed to increase various productivity. You will be able to reduce transportation costs, increase profits and have a competitive advantage.

Side Lifters For SaleSide Lifters video display

As a professional semi-trailer manufacturer, product quality must be guaranteed, must have the following conditions.

1.Strict quality standards

TITAN dedicated team is committed to strictly complying with quality standards throughout the manufacturing center and following a strict continuous improvement plan. The company's core characters (CEO Hero) personally guide and do it with their own hands. Only to provide customers with the best products. Provide the best safety control system in the world.

2.Innovation is the key

Active R & D motivation has been the key to helping TITAN  maintain its leading position. It is important to reduce tare weight, increase operating speed and reduce manufacturing costs. Other requirements include safety, component reliability and modularity of sub-component design. 

Details of Side Lifters ManufacturerDetails of Side Lifters Manufacturer

3.Quality materials and components

TITAN is committed to using the highest quality materials and components in its equipment. They conduct detailed assessments of each supplier to ensure that consistent high standards are met. TITAN chooses high-strength steel with excellent fatigue toughness from many world-class steel producers. The material is hardened quickly by cooling the red hot metal, and then the heating speed is reduced and cooled slowly to eliminate brittleness. Super tough steel-the strongest and lightest material is the best choice for TITAN sidelifter container trailer.

4.Best cost of life

The design purpose of TITAN side lifter trailer is to obtain the best service interval, lower maintenance cost, lower operating cost and higher resale value, thus lowering the cost of ownership as a whole, thus providing consumers with each The best price for container prices.

JOST Landing gear Of Sidelifters PriceJOST Landing gear Of Sidelifters Price

5.Warranty and after-sales support

TITAN side lifter container is committed to meeting the needs of customers around the world, and now provides a warranty for the crane structure. Sidelifter is the most versatile and cost-effective equipment for loading containers on the ground.


2. How to use the wireless remote about the side lifters?

1.Knob switch is start and alarm switch:

The system gets through power just or enters into a sleeping state, only shift the switch can start remote control ( alarm sending out a signal at this time). When need to give the alarm, shift the switch to the position marked, when release it, the switch will back to the original position, an alarm is stopped.

Knob switch also used for compulsory operation after anti-turnover control. Shift switch to the once, shield anti-turnover of 5s.it is only available shift it again after 30s interval.

2.Self-lock switch is used for controlling speed: high speed is denoted by the “rabbit” pattern; high speed is denoted by “tortoise” pattern.used for selecting operation mode: 0-no operation, L-LEG-leg operation mode, B-BOOM-boom operation mode.

Wireless Remote Controller Of Sidelifter Container TrailerWireless Remote Controller Of Sidelifter Container Trailer

3.Emergency stop, press emergency stop and power are switched off, all movement stopped.

4.Self-lock switch, used for selecting operation mode: when non-synchronization: left side handle to control the motion of front lifting, and the right side handles to control the motion of rear lifting; when synchronization: left side handle can control the motion of front and rear lifting simultaneously, the right side handle has no effect.

5.The handles on the top of both sides are universal proportion handle, used for lifting/dropping upper boom, swinging down boom, lifting/dropping support leg, retracting/extending support leg.

6.Remote control or other place is equipped with a buzzer, which is used for warning person of the low power supply , of course, at the same time, buzzer can sounds to warn persons of the condition.

7.Other button and knob switch is spare.


3. Benefits of Using Side Lifter Trailer

1.Excellent lifting capacity:

The standard weight of the TITAN self-contained container truck trailer is 37 tons, and it can also provide full capacity of 45 tons. It gives you the opportunity to make many container moves every day. You can safely transfer the colorant to the ground in minutes. This improves efficiency and productivity. Not many operators and equipment are needed in the lifting operation.

2.Save time and get more value

With the Titan self-loading container truck trailer, the driver of the trailer can complete the loading and unloading operation of the container by himself within 5 minutes, and then the truck is on the road again. No need to wait for other heavy lifting equipment.

Side Lifter Truck For SaleSide Lifter Truck For Sale

3.Power take-off or diesel APU:

Titan equips your vehicle with a power take-off, which is the best solution for maximum reliability, service and economy. Control the engine throttle size and engine speed to improve work efficiency.

5.Flexible solutions

The sidelifter container trailer for sale can unload the container by himself in just a few minutes, without the need for additional personnel or equipment. This makes your operations cost effective. The most important thing to note is the telescopic chassis of the side lift, also known as the trombone chassis. This type of chassis allows the device to shrink and expand, providing the space needed to accommodate a 20ft, 40ft or 45ft container.

It can handle container movements on any type of terrain and can be transported on low cost dry cargo terminals. It can safely handle fragile, valuable and dangerous cargo.