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Side Loader Trailer

1. Introduction To Side Loader Trailer--Application of TITAN side loading trailer

2. How do side loader trailer work?-Purpose, Design and Benefits

3. Side Loader Trailer Package and shipping

1. Introduction To Side Loader Trailer--Application of TITAN side loading trailer

TITAN side loader trailer easily adapts to your operations, making it safe and secure, even in rough operations. It can lift the heaviest containers, even badly positioned or with unevenly reported load inside. The double extension stabilizers give it impressive stability, allowing you to work on soft or uneven ground. The multiple applications possible with the side lifter make it an indispensable tool for your organization, whether it is for transfers, grounding, lifting or double stacking.

side loader trailer video displaySide Loader Trailer Video Display

1.Double stacking of containers

Lack of space is a recurrent feature of today’s logistics world. Double stacking of containers can be a very useful and economic solution. TITAN side loader trailer manufacturer can double stack two high cube containers on the ground without chain shorteners. It avoids investing in specific equipment.  

2.Transfer from/to other trailers

When several containers must be delivered in the same yard, Container side lifter can pick up the containers on the companion trailers to ground them. Waiting time for trucks and trailers is drastically reduced, thus improving the efficiency and profitability of each trip.

Side Loader ChassisSide Loader Chassis

3.Grounding and lifting of containers

Grounding and lifting represent 90% of a side loader trailers' tasks. Once on the ground, the side loader trailer price goes to another job, while the container can be stuffed or unstuffed more easily, without the need of specific infrastructures such as platforms or loading ramps. Forklifts can therefore enter the container. Side loader trailer for sale range of equipment allows handling containers even on rough ground.

Side Loader PriceSide Loader Chassis


2. How do side loader trailer work?-Purpose, Design and Benefits

The 45 ton lifting capacity ensures easy handling of uneven containers. The side loader trailer is adjusted from 20 feet hydraulic operation up to 45 feet can be completed quickly. You don't need to arrange large forklifts or mobile cranes to load container trailers on the job site. It can load, transport and stack any type of container up to 2 levels, including pallets from 20 feet to 45 feet.

Design advantage

1. The design of the lift cylinder and the knuckle legs in a straight line provides multiple advantages for the TITAN side loader trailer. When the knuckle legs are in the working position, the momentum arm from the lift cylinder is doubled; this keeps the cylinder diameter small. By integrating the crane and outriggers online, the side loader is only slightly longer than the standard container trailer. 

2. When the crane outrigger is folded to the transport position, it takes up less space than the cross-section of the container. Due to this configuration, the momentum from the lifting cylinder is directly transmitted from the knuckle leg down to the ground. Therefore, the stress in the crane base and chassis is minimized, and there is no twist between the main boom and the outrigger.

Customers feedback of Side Loader craneCustomers feedback of Side Loader crane

3. The welding structure of the crane is made of ultra-high-strength steel, which can ensure the highest possible strength while still reducing the load to increase the load. Each side loader trailer includes a main boom, which has a 2-step telescopic boom and is operated by a double-acting telescopic cylinder integrated in the arm gear.

Benefits of Side Loader

1. Due to design reasons, the TITAN side loader crane has a very low tare weight.

The integrated security of TITAN side loader makes handling easy and worry-free. The unique geometry in the design prevents accidental placement of the container in an unstable position. This means you do n’t have to deal with additional cantilever brackets at the rear of the side loader, so you can reduce the number of maintenance parts.

Details of Side Loader SpecificationDetails of Side Loader Specification

2. All cylinders on the TITAN side loader are equipped with sturdy low-friction bearings and have special lubrication chambers to provide excellent lubrication, low maintenance cost and long life. All cylinders on the sideloader trailer are double-acting, with honing / roller polishing cylinders and hard chrome-plated and polished cylinder rods.

3. Sideloader is equipped with a momentum limiting valve. The directional control valve for smooth operation is provided by a heavy-duty, high-pressure, fixed displacement piston pump powered by the power output shaft.


3. Side Loader Trailer Package and shipping

The side loader trailer transport trailer is generally delivered by bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. Before delivery, we spray the entire vehicle with wax, and important parts such as the boom are covered with a layer of rain cloth.

If ports without bulk carriers, we will ship by container.

We can provide services online for 24 hours. Besides, we also provide after-sales service abroad for you. Our technical staff will tell you more ways to teach you to operate it and maintenance face to face. It is more clear for you. If you need it, our technical staff can go to your country serving you.

Of course, welcome to visit our factory. Many customers visited our factory and placed the order semi trailer. We believe that it can help you.

Side Loader Trailer Package and ShippingSide Loader Trailer For Sale of Package and Shipping