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Container Side Loader Trailer

Sidelifter Trailer include 20ft side loader truck, 20ft and 40ft self loading container trailer.

The side loader trailer is a container-specific loading and unloading vehicle, which is used in container terminals and transfer yards. The role of side loader container trailer is to realize container handling, such as loading and unloading of container flatbed trailer.

The side lifter trailer technology can effectively solve the problem of no loading and unloading machinery. The military of many countries have been equipped with container loading trailer. As a convenient and efficient container loading and unloading vehicle, the container lift trailer can load containers by itself, and it can also load and unload containers for other container carriers (such as flatbed trailer and skeletal trailer). As you can see, box loader for sale is very suitable for areas where there is no container loading and unloading equipment.

side lifters

What is a Container Side Loader Trailer  (sidelifter / sideloader ) ?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is side loader?

1.1 What are the different types of side loader?

1.2 What are the technical characteristics of the container side loader trailer?

1.3 Parameters of side loader crane

Chapter 2: How to operate and use self loading trailer?

Chapter 3: What are the important parts of a self loading container trailer?

Chapter 4: Sidelifter package and shipping.

Chapter 5: Common faults and maintenance of the side lifters


Chapter 1: What is side loader?

1.1 What are the different types of side loader?

The sideloader trailer integrates the functions of container lifting, container unloading, and container transportation.

  According to the type of transportation container, it is divided into 20ft and 40ft container side lifter.

  According to different transport chassis, it can be divided into self loader truck and sideloader trailer.

  According to the different tonnage of lifting, it can be divided into 16 tons, 25 tons, 37 tons, 45 tons of Titan side lifter, of which 37 tons and 45 tons are the best sales.

What is a Container Side Loader Trailer  (sidelifter / sideloader ) ?

1.2 What are the technical characteristics of the container side loader trailer?

1. The side lifter container can be moved back and forth, and can be used for both standard 20 and 40 foot containers.

side lift container transport

2. It adopts wireless remote control system, equipped with imported remote control, which is easy to operate and reliable in micro movement.

remote control system

3. It reserve manual operation mode.

4. It is equipped with imported solenoid valve, and the control is accurate.

5. The side loader crane structural parts are welded from high-strength imported steel plates, and the entire vehicle has undergone stress tests.

1.3 Parameters of side loader crane

Hot selling 20ft side lifter truck parameters:

Max.lifting capacity: 37 Ton
Dimension(L*W*H): 12000*2500*4000mm
Axle: 2 axle
Tire: 8 pcs, 12R22.5
Tow Chain: Igus (imported)
Truck head: HOWO 371 A7,Optional

side container lifter

Hot selling 40ft side lifer trailer parameters:

Max.lifting capacity: 37 Ton
Dimension(L*W*H): 14100*2500*4100mm
Max.working range: 4000mm
Overall height: 2500mm
Overall length: 1020mm
Axle: 3 axle
Tire: 12 pcs, 12R22.5
Suspension: Heavy duty type mechanical spring suspension
Tow Chain: Igus (imported)
Power source: PTO and Japenese Kubota diesel engine


Chapter 2: How to operate and use self loading trailer?

How to lift a shipping container with a crane?

Operator should be familiar with this machine, keep it in the best status. 

1.To ensure safety, check whether sidelifter is work normally and in accordance with requirements of goods to be lifted before operation. Make sure that the sidelifter is not overloaded. Refer to the sidelifter working range to make sure that the unbalance loading of front and rear does not exceed 10% of that at corresponding working range, and keep container a proper distance of 300mm~500mm from chassis if it is possible.

working range

working range

2.Two hydraulic arms, mounted on an attached vehicle, on the trailer of a truck, on a standard 2 or 3 axle truck or on a railroad car, which allows access to the load, make it possible to load or unload standard containers from a maximum weight.The process is executed by means of a radio control system located in the truck.

3.When load just leaves ground, please ensure there is no obstacle in load traveling direction.Do not make the container center beyond the stabilizers limits, otherwise, it may result in overturn accident.Be sure to keep all wheels contact with ground when extending stabilizers.During operation, do not retract stabilizers.

4.The working range of front lift equipment and rear lift equipment should be mostly same. When difference occurs, stop one lift equipment and operate another lift equipment, adjust them to enable the front lift equipment is the same work range as the rear lift equipment, then operate them at the same time again.

5.During lifting, make sure the lifter act smoothly and steady, if the container swing being lifted because of abrupt operation, stop the operation at once, restart the operation after quieting down.

6.When perform inspection and maintenance work, be sure to avoid collision, and do no knock the parts fiercely to prevent them from distortion , and keep these parts from dust when working on them, in addition, add and inject grease to prolong their life.

7.All the movement parts of the machine are driven by hydraulic, when you find abnormal sound during operation, stop operation at once, restart operation after get rid of faults.

We also recorded a video of the operation of the container lifter trailer, please watch the video to understand the operation and use.

Chapter 3: What are the important parts of a self loading container trailer?

General Layout

General Layout


1.Wireless remote control, equipped with imported remote control, easy to operate.

2.Chains.They are attached from the top of the cranes to the corner corners at the base of the container (s) during lifting operations.There is a special link device that, when placed between two 20-foot containers, allows the user to lock two 20-foot (2 TEU) containers together, which allows the container-lifter to lift them up as if they were a 40-foot container. feet.

3.Chassis.It supports the weight of the container when it is loaded, it also supports the cranes.

4.Crane Lift.Hydraulically powered cranes lift the container (from the ground, the loading dock, another vehicle, the rail car or from the top of another container placed on the ground or other location) into and out of the chassis.These cranes are placed in the upper part of the side chassis and can usually be moved along the chassis moving with hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors to load different lengths of containers.

5.Boom slide system. The 20ft or 40ft container can be loaded and unloaded through the sliding of the front and rear cranes, which has a wide range of applications and good versatility, greatly expanding the use of the equipment.

6.Trailer Stabilizer Legs.These are equipped with hydraulic legs that are necessary to allow the lifting of loads of up to 44 tons without tilting the vehicle.These can be adjusted to help the operation in a level less terrain and facilitate greater safety margins and load limits when stacking containers.

7.WABCO braking system reduces best sidelifter truck sacramento braking distance.


Chapter 4: Sidelifter package and shipping.

Packageside loader delivery truck trailer package

The side lift container transport trailer is generally delivered by bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. Before delivery, we spray the entire vehicle with wax, and important parts such as the boom are covered with a layer of rain cloth.

If ports without bulk carriers, we will ship by container.


Chapter 5: Common faults and maintenance of the side lifters

1.hydraulic system pressure is too high or too low

  oil pump is dama ged, leak oil---check or replace oil pump

  multichannel change valve is damaged---remove faults

  oil level in the tank is too low---add oil to the proper position

  suction tube leak air---check or replace suction tube

  oil filter is blocked off---clean or replace filter core

  oil is used for long time, oil viscosity is too low---replace hydraulic oil

2.cylinder  leak oil

  terminal cover seals wore/piston seals wore---Replace seals

3.cylinder  is retracted automatically with load raised

  load holding valve get failure---clean or replace valve lock

  cylinder piston seals to be damaged---replace seals

4.abnormal warm up

  inhale air, oil seal is bad---check and replace oil seals

  oil level in the tank is too low---add oil to the proper position

  oil pump is dama ged, leak oil---check or replace oil pump

  system is stooped---check and remove the stopper

5.valve core not made recovery

  has dirt between valve core and body---clean valve lever and body

  recovery spring to be damaged---replace spring

  valve lever is operated unsmoothly---check operation system

  coupling bolts are too tight---tighten  the connection bolt

6.Pump not output oil stop running immediately,otherwise pump may be damaged or flow is not enough

  oil pump doesn’t work---check or replace engine connected disc

  suction tube or oil filter is blocked off---remove the jamming

  oil viscosity is too high---replace hydraulic oil

  oil level in the tank is too low---add oil to the proper position

  oil pump inside to be damaged---check or replace parts

  internal seals to be damaged---replace seals

7.Outer leak 

  Interface  between valves, o ring to be damaged---Replace o ring

8.system pressure is too low  or  no pressure

  regulating bolt get loose---adjust pressure over again

  pring or taper valve doesn’t work---check and clean pressure  regulated valve

  friction between valve lever and body---check and repair or replace  multichannel valve

9.Vibrations  in cylinder

  some air in the hydraulic system---1 exhaust the air by movement

  worn cylinder seals---2 replace the cylinder seals

10.Slowing down of  all movements,even without load on hook

  Crushed or dented suction hose---1 replace suction hose

  air suction from oil tube---2 tightness the joint of suction hose

11.sidelifter does not  lift  rated capacity load.

  inefficient pump---replace pump

  wrong relief valve settings---adjust the valve

  worn hydraulic pump seals---replace the pump seals

12.Noise  and fluctuating  of pressure are big

  Suction hose or suction  net  are stopped---remove stopper

  the glutinosity of oil is high---replace hydraulic oil

  bad  seal  for suction port and air is sucked---replace seals

  oil has air---get rid of air

  the parts in the pump were worn---replace or repair parts

  oil polluted---replace oil,clean oil tank

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