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Benefits of Using Container Side Lifters

| 2020-03-30

Benefits of Using Container Side Lifters

1.Excellent lifting capacity:

The standard weight of the Titan self-contained container truck trailer is 37 tons, and it can also provide full capacity of 45 tons. It gives you the opportunity to make many container moves every day. You can safely transfer the colorant to the ground in minutes. This improves efficiency and productivity. Not many operators and equipment are needed in the lifting operation.

side lifter truckside lifter truck


2.Save time and get more value:

With the Titan self-loading container truck trailer, the driver of the trailer can complete the loading and unloading operation of the container by himself within 5 minutes, and then the truck is on the road again. No need to wait for other heavy lifting equipment.


3.Power take-off or diesel APU:

Titan equips your vehicle with a power take-off, which is the best solution for maximum reliability, service and economy. The hydraulic system with PTO has very low tare weight and minimal diesel consumption. Control the engine throttle size and engine speed to improve work efficiency.


4.Wireless remote control and manual operation:

Titan sidelifter truck trailer is equipped with a wireless remote control and manual operation.The wireless remote control can control its legs and cranes within a range of 30m, providing convenience and safety for the operator.


5.Flexible solutions:

With the Titan 40ft self-loading container truck trailer, you can get closer and lift safely and with high precision between trailers.

The container side loader can unload the container by himself in just a few minutes, without the need for additional personnel or equipment. This makes your operations cost effective. The most important thing to note is the telescopic chassis of the side lift, also known as the trombone chassis. This type of chassis allows the device to shrink and expand, providing the space needed to accommodate a 20ft, 40ft or 45ft container.

container loading

20/40ft container side loader

It can handle container movements on any type of terrain and can be transported on low cost dry cargo terminals. It can safely handle fragile, valuable and dangerous cargo

It is efficient throughout the day, loading containers from one job to another. It can handle industrial equipment, special containers (such as portable buildings), fuel containers, etc.

General Layout General Layout 

6. Durable and proven reliability:

Titan self-loading restraint truck trailers are rugged, reliable, and require limited maintenance. Titan side lifter has been exported to many African countries and received good feedback (Djibouti, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Tanzania, Liberia, Ethiopia)

Customers feedback

The side lifter makes it a reliable device with minimal maintenance requirements. Differentiated cargo can be easily loaded and unloaded without being confused with any cargo. The side lifting action allows you to securely place the container in the exact location you need for easy handling when loading and unloading. You can transport containers by road anytime, anywhere. Independent operating capabilities do not require the support of other equipment during loading and unloading, making it possible to transport containers by road.


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