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How to use the wireless remote and operation panel control system about the side lifters?

| 2020-03-27

How to use the wireless remote and operation panel control system about the Titan side lifters trailer?


Titan Sidelifter adopt remote control which is made to order for ambient environment ,performance need, operation process and standard, What we used is wireless remote control, its receivesr need to fixed installating, The protection grade of the receiver is very high, it can be installed in the open air. but it may prolong the service life of the receicer if installe it in the electric control cabinet


control system

container side lifter


Remote control operation

remote control

remote control systemwireless remote controller


1) The first is knob switch, is start and alarm switch:

①system get through power just or enter into sleeping state, only shift the switch can start remote control ( alarm sending out signal at this time).

② when need to give alarm, shift the switch to the position marked , when release it, the switch will back to the original position, alarm is stopped.

2) The third is knob on-off, used for compulsorily operation after anti-turnover control. Shift switch to the  the once, shield anti-turnover of 5s (system can’t carry on anti-turnover control, can carry on compulsorily operation at this time ), it is only available shift it again after 30s interval.

3) The fourth is self-lock switch, is used for controlling speed:high speed is denoted by “rabbit” pattern; high speed is denoted by “tortoise”pattern.

4)The fifth switch is emergency stop, press emergency stop and power is switched off, all movement stopped.

5) The sixth is self-lock switch, used for selecting operationmode: 0-no operation, L-LEG-leg operation mode, B-BOOM-boom operation mode.

6) The seventh is self-lock switch, used for selecting operation mode: when nonsynchronization (shift switch to the “NONSYNC.”): left side handle control the motion of front lifting, and right side handle control the motion of rear lifting; when synchronization (shift switch to the “ SYNC.”) left side handle can control the motion of front and rear lifting simultaneously, the right side handle has no effect.

7) The eighth is self-reset switch, main used for selecting frequency.

8) The handles on the top both sides are universal proportion handle, used for lifting/dropping upper boom, swinging down boom, lifting/dropping support leg,retracting/extending support leg.

9) Remote control or other place is equipped with a buzzer, which is used for warning person of the low power supply , of course, at the same time, buzzer can sounds to warn person of the condition.

10) Other button and knob switch are spare.


Operation panel introduction

panel control system

panel control sysstem

1) The switch on the top right is emergency stop, Its lower part has urgently stop marking “EMERGENCY STOP”, when perform operation of remote control, remote control will be disabled because of power failure after press down emergency stop, re-start remote control after turning to carry on restoration

2) The switch on the bottom left is self-lock knob switch, is used for controlling floodlight on the front/rear hoisting device. Turn right the switch, floodlight turns on,turn left the switch, floodlight turns off.

3) The switch on the top left is self-lock key on-off, is sued for selecting“manual/remote control” and supplying power. When key on-off turn to the middle position, power supply and electrical control system are cut off. When key on-off turn to the position marked “palm”, wireless remote control doesn’t work, Can carry on work only depend on the artificial operation of hydraulic handle. When key on-off turn to the position marked “remote control signal ”, The wireless remote control uses as usual, artificial operation is disabled.


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