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20Ft Sideloader

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1. What is a Sideloader?

2. Sideloader Shipping Container Transport

3. Side Loader Truck Delivery - Port Shipping Containers

1. What is a Sideloader?

TITAN 20ft Sideloader does exactly what its title suggests. It loads and unloads from the side of the machine. Instead of the forks being located in front of the equipment like on a standard forklift, a sideloaders' forks are located on its side.

TITAN sideloader is a semi trailer which uses a swing lift at either end of the trailer, or tray to pick up, using the containers strong robust corner casts to offload. Side loaders are particularly useful where there is limited space either in front of or behind the truck. Containers can be transported anywhere, anytime by road, this 'self-contained' side loader trailer is able to operate without the support of other equipment at load and unload points, enabling containers to be transported easily by road.

20Ft Sideloader20Ft Sideloader Video Display

Used Container Side Loader for sale-Here are some main part of 20ft sideloader:

1. Wireless remote control technology.

TITAN sideloader equipped with wireless remote controller and manual operation, convenient and safe operation for the operator.

2. High lifting capacity.

TITAN sideloader has the highest lifting capacity, staring at 37ton in the basic design and available with a full 40 ton of capacity.

3. 20ft sideloader can slide to load/unload 20ft container.

TITAN 20ft sideloader is widely used in ports, stations and yards for load/unload 20ft container.

4. Power take off or Powerpack.

TITAN sideloader equip with power take off as standard, the hydraulic system with power take off has a low tare weight and minimum diesel consumption.

20Ft Side Loader Trailer for sale20Ft Side Loader Trailer for sale


2. Sideloader Shipping Container Transport

1. Sideloaders don’t need to turn like standard forklifts, so they can drive up alongside the rack or the truck and easily unload and load from the side. The loading and unloading of containers can take place on the ground, reducing the risk of injury.

2. Long loads such as timber, steel, or pipes are more easily handled because the load is facing in the direction being traveled, reducing the overall width of the equipment and load. This not only saves money for the transport operator; It also saves time for importers, manufacturers, and distributors.

3. 20Ft side loader is designed to work in narrower aisles and doorways. The waiting time is eliminated so that other lift-type machines are available, as well as the need for expensive land preparation.

Since the load is carried on the side, the operator has clear visibility in front and behind. It can also free up personnel and equipment for other tasks, thus increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

4. A flatbed allows the load to be stabilized, ensuring safer movement. When transporting a 20ft sideloader by road, operators can easily load containers into trailers without the help of cranes. This means that, in addition to transporting their own containers, sideloader can load and unload entire container convoys without the need to relocate independent heavy equipment.

20Ft Side Loader Chassis20Ft Side Loader Chassis


3. Side Loader Truck Delivery - Port Shipping Containers

There are several points that need to be considered when using this type of truck for delivery:

When the container has unloaded the distance from the end of the container to the end of the sideloader is approx. 1m. This is due to the outrigger leg, lifting arm and controls. 

The sideloader will need at least 3 to 4 meters clear space in front to drive away after unloading. The land where the sideloader parks to unload needs to be relatively level. If the site is sloping the sideloader can unload if parked across the slope but it is more difficult if the 20ft sideloader is positioned facing up or down the slope.

Most transport companies don’t like to take their side loader container truck off road. If delivery is into an area where the ground isn’t sealed or compacted / hardstand, the driver will inspect the area and make a judgment whether or not to proceed.

Details of Side Loader Container TruckDetails of Side Loader Container Truck

Also have an alternate site to place the container in case the driver won’t go off the compacted surface.

On occasions, a sideloader can be used to position containers over low fences. To achieve this, the two outrigger feet of the side loader chassis need to protrude through the fence line. This means that some sections of fence may need to be removed.

1.Power source. While typically the cranes are powered by a trailer-mounted diesel engine or gasoline engine, the cranes are sometimes powered via a PTO from the truck or tractor.

2.The tractor/cab. which pulls the trailer, and in some cases supplies power through the PTO. This tractor/cab always supplies the compressed air for the wheels' brakes of the 20ft sideloader. The tractor provides compressed air for the trailer brakes and also additional stability for the lifting operation.

Side Loader Trailer For Sale PriceSide Loader Trailer For Sale Price

3. Lifting cranes. The hydraulically powered cranes lift the container on and off the chassis. These cranes are placed on top of the 20ft sideloader trailer chassis and they are normally able to travel along the chassis being shifted by hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors in order to load varying container lengths.

4. Stabilizing legs. These are fitted with hydraulic legs which are necessary to permit the lifting of up to 45ton loads without tilting the vehicle. These may be adjustable to assist operation on the unlevel ground and facilitate greater safety margins and load limits when stacking containers.

5. The remote control. a device with joysticks & buttons typically attached via a multi-pair electric wire or via a radio signal and that allows the operator to walk around the container and view the unit from various different angles during operation. 20Ft sideloader is designed to lift up to a maximum of 45 ton though smaller machines exist.

6.Chains. which are attached from the top of the 20ft sideloader to the corner castings at the base of the container during lifting operations. 

Side Loader Trailer ManufacturerSide Loader Trailer Manufacturer