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What is container side loader?--Core Technology of side lifters

| 2020-05-07

TITAN Container side loading and unloading trucks are mainly used for loading, unloading and transporting containers in ports, stations, freight yards and other places. TITAN container side loading and unloading trucks integrate loading, unloading, stacking, and transportation. They can load and unload containers of 20 or 40 feet or other specifications. The implementation of 1 row and 2 layer container loading and unloading and stacking operations has greatly improved the operation Efficiency and use of equipment. The vehicle has a number of internationally leading core technologies: patented self-loading container technology on the side, dual-pump dual-circuit technology, and advanced electric proportional control technology. Intelligent security protection technology. Remote wireless remote control technology, etc., has won praise from customers for its efficient and reliable operation performance and safety.

Customer received side loaderCustomer received side loader


Core Technology

  • Side self-loading container patent technology

Set lifting, loading, unloading, and transportation in one body, which can make the self-loading and unloading of containers or other cargoes faster and more convenient; through the middle hanger, slide independently, with the front and rear hangers, can load and unload 20 or 40 feet or other specifications of empty boxes Or self-loading of full containers or other goods, with a wide range of uses and high equipment utilization; through the action of the hanger, it can implement the loading and unloading and stacking operations of 1 row and 2 layers of containers, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and the use of equipment; The advanced operation control system requires only one person to operate, and can be operated at close range or remotely. It is easy to operate and has high loading and unloading efficiency.

container side lifter for sale20/40ft container side lifter for sale

  • Double pump double circuit technology.

The device is independently powered by two pumps, the operation is more stable when lifting, it is not affected by partial load, it has better adaptability, and greatly improves the reliability of the machine.

  • Advanced electric proportional control technology

The device is controlled by a pressure-compensated electric proportional valve, which realizes a stepless speed regulation function to ensure smooth operation of the whole machine, good micro-motion performance, and precise control.

  • Remote wireless control technology

Side lifters is equipped with Sany's self-made wireless encounter control device, which can realize the remote wireless control of the movement of the outriggers and hangers within 30m. Equipped with wireless throttle potentiometer, it can realize remote wireless control of the engine throttle size within 30m, realize the adjustment of engine speed, stable signal transmission, and fast response.

  • Intelligent security protection system

Equipped with an inclination sensor, it can detect the state of the whole machine in real time, and can automatically alarm when the whole vehicle has a tendency to tilt, and intelligently lock related dangerous operations to ensure the safe operation of the whole vehicle.

  • Finite element analysis, dynamic simulation technology

Through advanced finite element analysis, kinematics and dynamics simulation analysis and calculation, based on accurate data support as the design basis, it ensures that the vehicle structure system is reasonable, the performance is excellent, and it has excellent reliability and stability of the whole machine


Comfortable operation

Three major vibration reduction systems prevent occupational diseases, and the new material sleeper is far from fatigue: centralized remote control operation handle, humanized design, high control accuracy, easy operation;

High-end configuration

Adopt a well-known brand who diesel fully-controlled electronic injection diesel engine, high power, low fuel consumption, low noise; internationally renowned brand transmission, front axle, middle and rear axle, hydraulic electrical components, reliable and durable


Advanced industrial styling design concept, handsome appearance, stylish and dynamic, luxurious and stable, compact vehicle structure, reasonable layout, bright color painting.

Stable and reliable

The average trouble-free working time of the vehicle is long, and the working performance is stable and reliable; strong dynamic performance, light weight, optimized design, strong bearing capacity, safe and reliable, and high-speed logistics transportation;Finite element analysis technology ensures reasonable structure design and good performance.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The best optimized structural design, light weight and energy saving; double-layer sound insulation of the cab, noise reduction by 15%; high-quality hydraulic seals to ensure no leakage and meet emission standards.

Safety protection

Intelligent anti-tipping protection system for the whole machine; equipped with safety locking device; equipped with ABS leading international brake system, heavy load long distance downhill double insurance.

Customer feedback of self loader truckCustomer feedback of self loader truck


TITAN Sidelifter self-loading trailer with the lightest tare weight ever subject to specifications. Deliver higher payload and improve your fuel returns. Has been specially engineered to have the lowest tare weight of any other 37 ton sidelifter. An outreach of over 4 metres allows transfers to and from flatbed rail wagons and companion vehicles making transitions quick, easy and efficient. Dual speed proportional control allow the container side loader to safely handle empty containers at fast speed or fully laden containers to be handled at low speed for maximum safety. Operational flexibility,a flexible self-loading trailer unit for all possible applications, including the safe handling of 2 close coupled containers.


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