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What is a sidelifters trailer and what can it be used for?

| 2020-05-18

With the prosperity of the automobile transportation industry, high-quality and high-efficiency container transportation has also developed rapidly, and container transportation is gradually becoming specialized. At present, the operation of lifting containers onto vehicles in special container ports, cargo yards and other storage locations is generally completed by container loading and unloading bridges, straddle carriers and container forklifts, while container transport vehicles only perform transportation functions. If the crane transport machinery is installed on the container transport vehicle to form a self-unloading container transport vehicle, such vehicles have the dual functions of self-loading and transportation. Lifting self-loading container vehicles are most suitable for transporting containers or large items in places without lifting facilities. Use the self-provided lifting equipment to lift the container on the car and transport it to the destination, then unload it with the self-provided lifting equipment.

Container side loader for saleContainer side loader for sale


Judging from the current situation in China, the field of application of this type of cargo handling system with container side loader is wide, as wide as the use of the container for transporting goods.

1.Railway transfer

Because it does not require a lot of expensive infrastructures, just enough space to load or unload the wagons.

2.Container loading

The self-loading and unloading capacity of a container eliminates the need for forklifts and other heavy equipment available at both ends of the container route.

3.Industrial Transport Services

producing companies use these vehicles for their merchandise.

4.Intermodal transportation

characterized by a frequent transshipment of cargo between roads and railways and because it requires an uninterrupted transport chain.

side lifter containerSide lifter container


What is a side lifter?

TITAN side lifter does exactly what its title suggests. It loads and unloads from the side of the machine. Instead of the forks being located in front of the equipment like on a standard forklift, a sideloader’s forks are located on its side.

Easy and safe way to deliver your 40’ container (however, we can still accommodate 20’ containers).Titan side loader is a semi-trailer which uses a swing lift at either end of the trailer, or tray to pick up, using the containers strong robust corner casts to offload.Side loaders are particularly useful where there is limited space either in front of or behind the truck.Containers can be transported anywhere,anytime by road,this 'self contained' side loader trailer is able to operate without the support of other equipment at load and unload points, enabling containers to be transported easily by road.


What benefits does a side loader have over a standard forklift?

1. Sideloaders don’t need to turn like standard forklifts, so they can drive up alongside the rack or the truck and easily unload and load from the side.The loading and unloading of containers can take place on the ground, reducing the risk of injury.

2. A flatbed allows the load to be stabilized, ensuring safer movement.When transporting a sidelifter by road, operators can easily load containers into trailers without the help of cranes.This means that, in addition to transporting their own containers, a Sidelifter can load and unload entire container convoys without the need to relocate independent heavy equipment.

3. Long loads such as timber, steel or pipes are more easily handled because the load is facing in the direction being traveled, reducing the overall width of the equipment and load.This not only saves money for the transport operator; It also saves time for importers, manufacturers, and distributors.

4.Container side loaders are designed to work in narrower aisles and doorways.The waiting time is eliminated so that other lift-type machines are available, as well as the need for expensive land preparation.

5. Since the load is carried on the side, the operator has clear visibility in front and behind.It can also free up personnel and equipment for other tasks, thus increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

6. New side loaders have been developed as multidirectional machines, so they can move in all 4 directions by changing the wheels.This eliminates the cost associated with leaving the trailers on the site and increases the opportunities for the number of pickups and deliveries in each cycle.

20/40FT side lifters20/40FT side lifters


A few things to be aware of with side loaders

Sideloaders are not as maneuverable as standard forklifts (although multidirectional sideloaders offer advances in this area).Sideloaders are a specialized machine.While they are great for long or awkward loads, think about what else you are trying to move and whether you need your machine to handle different types of loads, or whether a combination of different equipment would work best.Another alternative to a side loader is a multidirectional forklift, which offers the benefits of a side loader and standard forklift.

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Fork lifts and Sky Traks are cumbersome and  take extra manpower to operate. They sometimes require extended wait-times, and the whole operation can shift your cargo about from side to side. Same with a crane, or a high-lift with a chain. These methods have been proven, time and again to be dangerous with injuries and damages due to accidents.Besides providing safety and security for your cargo, our low profile sliding side-loader saves you time and money.This outdated technology is no longer necessary when you have Titan Sidelifters transport your shipping containers.Through the use of patented technology your container stays horizontal and secure at all times.Safe,Secure,Container Transport.


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