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What are the original spare parts for the side lifters?

| 2020-04-20

Importance of Purchasing Genuine sidelifters Spare Parts

All components in the side-lift device are carefully designed and selected by the engineering team in China to optimize the performance and integrity of the side-lift device. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the side lift and extend the service life, Titan recommends that authorized service providers perform repairs according to the recommended schedule, and only use genuine Titan spare parts. Titan has an inventory of all commonly used parts to ensure that downtime is minimized when problems occur. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in servicing the weightlifting truck and identify any required parts.

container side lifterContainer side lifter

what is side loaderWhat is side loader

1.Control valve

Advanced PVG proportional control valve is very suitable for Titan machines, and can accurately meet our requirements. Using "proportional control", containers can be loaded onto the forklift in less than five minutes. Each system has built-in Titan design and proportional control, which can always smoothly control the container load, thus ensuring maximum safety and product reliability. The container can be moved gently and moved at different speeds, regardless of the weight, the container can be placed accurately, quickly, easily and safely.

Control valve about the side loader trailerControl valve about the side loader trailer

2.Lifting chain

The key factor of the side lift is that the lifting device can safely lift and support a maximum load of 45 tons. The lifting device has excellent wear resistance and resistance, and provides maximum safety without affecting the strength. The Titan side-lift truck is equipped with a 16mm ICE chain as standard. Although these chains are relatively small and light, they provide a higher lifting capacity, and their working load limit is 60% higher than the 80-level chain.

Lifting chain of the container side loaderLifting chain of the container side loader

3.Hydraulic cylinder

The heavy lifting hydraulic cylinders that Titan forklifts complete every day are optimized designs specifically designed for Titan. The design of the cylinder conforms to international standards and uses seals and components provided by internationally recognized suppliers. This ensures that original parts are always available worldwide.

4.Power pack

The professionally designed independent power pack system with Titan engine allows the side lift to operate independently. This means that the side-lift forklift can be operated on any truck without any specific hydraulic accessories, and provides greater flexibility for operators with truck fleets. The independent Kubota engine greatly reduces operating costs. When you compare it with other engines, it is more efficient and runs at a lower cost. The fuel consumption per hour is only 9.5 liters, and the alternative fuel consumption is 11.43 liters per hour, which makes its operating cost lower and better for the environment. Titan has a full range of engine parts, including filters and seals for maintenance.

Container loading with the power packContainer loading with the power pack


Titan side lift remote control allows the operator to operate the side lift with precision and control. The cable remote control designed and manufactured by Titan. Alternatively, a radio remote control can be provided. Radio remote control is a customized solution from Titan. The remote control is equipped with a separate joystick for each crane to achieve smooth movement and strictly control the placement of containers. Radio remote control allows the operator to move freely without being restricted by connecting cables

container side loader with the remote for saleContainer side loader with the remote for sale

The best jack design requires the use of the best high-strength hardened and tempered structural steel parts. Titan has used this type of steel for many years. Hardened and tempered steel is much stronger than ordinary low carbon steel. This means that the amount of material in the crane can be reduced, thereby reducing the weight while still performing the same lifting operation. Less material is used in crane manufacturing, which means that the side lifter has a lighter tare weight. All of this affects the load that the vehicle can legally carry and how much the crane structure can lift. Reduced tare weight without losing any lifting capacity.

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