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Titan 20′ Sidelifter Handles Dangerous Goods

| 2020-04-09

Transporting potentially dangerous goods(ISO storage tanks)

Titan has developed the latest jack-up side lift for domestic chemical companies.

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When you need to transport potentially dangerous goods (such as fuels and chemicals), there is no doubt that you need to use the safest forklift on the market for loading and unloading. The transportation company is commissioning the most advanced equipment to date and is seeking this solution from Titan. As a top semi-trailer company equipped with Titan, Titan built a 20 'side-lift crane for the chemical company. The crane is equipped with a top lifting frame (or spreader), and the effect is very significant.

20′ Sidelifter Handles Dangerous Goods20′ Sidelifter Handles Dangerous Goods

The Titan 20ft side loader with spreader is ideal for chemical companies dealing with ISO storage tanks. The ISO storage tank has not been completely unloaded, or the contents have been used immediately. The substance is used according to production needs. The ISO containers can be safely stacked in two layers in a small yard and brought to the unloading point when needed to take out a certain amount, and then returned to the yard after use. When empty, Sidelifter is used to place the ISO storage tank on the trailer and return to the port or supplier.

The side lifting scraper with top lifting frame is ideal for handling ISO tanks. The concept of the top lifting frame allows people to lift tightly stacked containers, and the twist lock can be activated remotely to use the top bag to lift the container. This is a quick operation that can be performed. Pressing the button on the joystick can quickly lock all four twist locks together. Especially for railway operations, safety is improved because the operator does not need to cross the railway wagon to install the lifting chain.

20/40ft self loader truck for sale20/40ft self loader truck for sale

Other top elevator frames may have rigid frames in 20',30' or 40' fixed length configurations. Alternatively, the extendable top lifting frame can extend from 20 'to 40', but only for closed containers (not for open containers or tank containers).

As mentioned in the previous article, this, as always, supports 20/40ft containers, which is also an additional benefit.

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Before commissioning, product quality must be guaranteed. As a professional semi-trailer manufacturer, you must have the following conditions.

1.Strict quality standards

Titan's dedicated team is committed to strictly complying with quality standards throughout the manufacturing center and following a strict continuous improvement plan. The company's core characters (CEO Hero) personally guide and do it with their own hands. Only to provide customers with the best products. Provide the best safety control system in the world.

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2.Quality materials and components

Titan is committed to using the highest quality materials and components in its equipment. They conduct detailed assessments of each supplier to ensure that consistent high standards are met. Titan chooses high-strength steel with excellent fatigue toughness from many world-class steel producers. The material is hardened quickly by cooling the red hot metal, and then the heating speed is reduced and cooled slowly to eliminate brittleness. Super tough steel-the strongest and lightest material, is the best choice for Titan cranes and chassis.

3.Innovation is the key

Active R & D motivation has been the key to helping Titan maintain its leading position. It is important to reduce tare weight, increase operating speed and reduce manufacturing costs. Other requirements include safety, component reliability and modularity of sub-component design. Steel focuses on improving material selection and manufacturing technology.

4.Warranty and after-sales support

Titan container side loader is committed to meeting the needs of customers around the world, and now provides a warranty for the crane structure. Sidelifter is the most versatile and cost-effective equipment for loading containers on the ground.

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5.Best cost of life

The design purpose of Titan Side lifter is to obtain the best service interval, lower maintenance cost, lower operating cost and higher resale value, thus lowering the cost of ownership as a whole, thus providing consumers with each The best price for container prices.

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