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How to use Titan MQH37A side lifters correctly and safely?

| 2020-03-24

How to use Titan MQH37A side lifters correctly and safely?


Today we are very glad to share with you some skill of the How to use Titan MQH37A side lifters correctly and safely.It can help you learn to operate quickly and the right method will extend Titan side lifters life.


Points need to attention during working

Operator should be familiar with this machine, keep it in the best status. If you have any doubt about your machine, please read the manual carefully(Only the person who has been trained can operate the machine.)

1) To ensure safety, check whether sidelifter is work normally and in accordance with requirements of goods to be lifted before operation. Make sure that the sidelifter is not overloaded. Refer to the sidelifter working range to make sure that the unbalance loading of front and rear does not exceed 10% of that at corresponding working range, and keep container a proper distance of 300mm~500mm from chassis if it is possible.

working range

working range

2) Remember to stand at the same side as goods lifted to ensure best visibility of load and adopt natural and normal operation mode.

3) When load just leaves ground, please ensure there is no obstacle in load traveling direction.Do not make the container center beyond the stabilizers limits, otherwise, it may result in overturn accident.Be sure to keep all wheels contact with ground when extending stabilizers.During operation, do not retract stabilizers.

4) The working range of front lift equipment and rear lift equipment should be mostly same. When difference occurs, stop one lift equipment and operate another lift equipment, adjust them to enable the front lift equipment is the same work range as the rear lift equipment, then operate them at the same time again.

5) During lifting, make sure the lifter act smoothly and steady, if the container swing being lifted because of abrupt operation, stop the operation at once, restart the operation after quieting down.

6) During operation of loading and unloading, if you have not a clear view in foreside, stop operation to check, do not operate blindly.

7) When perform inspection and maintenance work, be sure to avoid collision, and do no knock the parts fiercely to prevent them from distortion , and keep these parts from dust when working on them, in addition, add and inject grease to prolong their service life.

8) All the movement parts of the machine are driven by hydraulic, when you find abnormal sound during operation, stop operation at once, restart operation after get rid of faults.


Other Precautions:

1) Operator must obey the operate rules, and keep irrelevant personnel away from no-go zone.

2) Operator shall not leave operating position when lifting load or crane is Running

3) Make sure to expand the work place. 

4) It is forbidden to operate the side lift under the high-voltage power line.

5) Provide sufficient lighting so that machine movements and loads can be clearly seen.

6) When you perform inspection and maintenance, be sure to stop engine and set all cylinders to the fully closed state.


Titan MQH37A Side lifter can be applicable for handing and transporting containers. Its characters including big lifting capacity, large working range, wide application range, good versatility and strong guarantee ability, meet the demands of lifting container anywhere. It is widely used for shipping, port, railway,storage and custom etc.. Its characteristics of "rapid, vivid, efficiency,convenience"get more and more understanding and approbations of people.



Outlines of vehicle and composition

side lifters

Model : Titan MQH37A side lifters

Maximum lift capacity : 37000kg

Maximum working range : 4000mm

Work recycle time : ≤10min

Maximum pressure of hydraulic system : 28MPa

Control type : Wireless remote control/hand operate

Main function : Loading and unloading,vehicle transfer

Apply for: Standard 40ft(Type 1A)、20ft t(Type1C)container,


Hydraulic oil tank capacity : 190L


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