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How to operate the side lifter?--Design and application advantage

| 2020-04-08

Titan container side loader will make you independent, flexible, save time and help you complete your work efficiently.

Container side loaderTitan container side lifter for sale

The 45ton lifting capacity ensures easy handling of uneven containers. The crane is adjusted from 20 feet hydraulic operation up to 45 feet can be completed quickly. You don't need to arrange large forklifts or mobile cranes to load container trailers on the job site. Titan side lifter can complete the whole work. It can load, transport and stack any type of container up to 2 levels, including pallets from 20 feet to 45 feet.

20/40ft side lifter

20/40ft side lifter

Design advantage

1. The design of the lift cylinder and the knuckle legs in a straight line provides multiple advantages for the Titan container side loader. When the knuckle legs are in the working position, the momentum arm from the lift cylinder is doubled; this keeps the cylinder diameter small. By integrating the crane and outriggers online, the side loader is only slightly longer than the standard container trailer. When the crane outrigger is folded to the transport position, it takes up less space than the cross-section of the container. Due to this configuration, the momentum from the lifting cylinder is directly transmitted from the knuckle leg down to the ground. Therefore, the stress in the crane base and chassis is minimized, and there is no twist between the main boom and the outrigger.

sidelifter truck2*20ft sidelifter truck

2. The welding structure of the crane is made of ultra-high-strength steel, which can ensure the highest possible strength while still reducing the load to increase the load. Each crane includes a main boom, which has a 2-step telescopic boom and is operated by a double-acting telescopic cylinder integrated in the arm gear.

side lift container transportside lift container transport

3. Due to design reasons, the Titan container side loader has a very low tare weight.

The integrated security of Titan container side loader makes handling easy and worry-free. The unique geometry in the design prevents accidental placement of the container in an unstable position. This means you do n’t have to deal with additional cantilever brackets at the rear of the side loader, so you can reduce the number of maintenance parts.

4. All cylinders on the Titan container side loader are equipped with sturdy low-friction bearings and have special lubrication chambers to provide excellent lubrication, low maintenance cost and long life. All cylinders on the Titan side lifter are double-acting, with honing / roller polishing cylinders and hard chrome-plated and polished cylinder rods.

5. The Titan sideloader is equipped with a momentum limiting valve. The directional control valve for smooth operation is provided by a heavy-duty, high-pressure, fixed displacement piston pump powered by the power output shaft.

If an overload occurs, the Titan side lifter will automatically interrupt the momentum increase function and retain the use of the momentum decrease function, so the crane operator is always allowed to withdraw the load and continue to work safely. The entire hydraulic system is overload protected by a main relief valve and a single port relief valve for each function.If an overload occurs, the valve will automatically interrupt the momentum increase function. The cylinder is equipped with a pilot-operated check valve, an eccentric valve or a hose burst valve. These valves will ensure that in the event of a hydraulic system failure, the suspended load will remain in place. All momentum reduction functions are still available and always allow the crane operator to retract the side loader and continue working safely.


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