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How the container side loader is transported?

| 2020-04-10

Most of our clients require a side loader as a means of container transport for delivery of their shipping containers. Our side loader allows us to transport a FCL delivery direct to our client’s premises so that they can unpack the container at their own convenience.And many people do not know how the container side loader is transported. Today I will share with you the precautions for container transportation and some possible situations and measures.

3 axles side lifter for sale3 axles side lifter for sale

The problem of side lifter transportation

1.You want to load or to unload a shipping container but you have no access to a truck on regular ramp height? You want to drop a shipping container? Before you need to organize a crane, the side loader is the smarter alternative.

As the vehicles are equipped with a rear steering axle, the drop off and pick up in confined spaces is possible. We therefore offer our sideloader transports as a highly flexible solution for the logistics even under difficult conditions.With its lifting capacity of up to 37 tons the sideloader can load 20/40ft container not only independently on its own chassis, but also directly to other container chassis or rail wagons,always leftsided- plain or even two high-cube container one above the other. Thus, the side loader is the perfect solution when flexibility is required.

20/40ft container loading trailer 20/40ft container loading trailer 

2.If the shipping container needs to be on the ground

When you have containers to move and limited space, the Titan side loader is a great solution. Especially when there is limited space,either in front or behind the container’s new location. Using this equipment,a container can be moved safely and efficiently and deposited between the two out rigger feet of the side loader. Precision location is possible as the container is placed parallel to, and approximately half a metre from, the side of the truck. The side loader is compatible with a semi-trailer or articulated truck.

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Considerations for Sideloader Transport

If you are thinking of using sideloader delivery for your business, there are some points to take into consideration. This mainly involves making sure your site is appropriate to accommodate this type of truck. As flexible the use of a sideloader is, please pay attention to  somthing:

1.Make sure you have at least 4.2 metres height for travel under trees, power lines, factory/house eves, and doorways. As well, the lifting arms will need about 6.5 metres during unloading, so be sure you allow for this much space above where the unloading will take place.

2.The land underneath where the side lifter is unloading will need to be relatively level and sealed or compacted. It the site is sloped, the container side loader may still be able to unload by parking across from the slope.

self loader truck for sale

3.The cargo container is offloaded from the truck onto the ground via the vehicle’s drivers’ side parallel to the side of the truck and about half a metre away. There will need to be at least three to four metres of clear space in front of the side lifter for it to leave after unloading.

4.Although most cargo containers are 2.44 metres wide, there needs to be an opening of at least 2.9 metres wide to fully accommodate the truck.

Side loaders are specialized lift trucks designed for areas that are extremely tight or where loads are longer than normal and need to be transported in a sideways direction.It is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use, able to withstand the elements, and endure heavy use year after year.

Transport goods with ease, and in a safe and efficient manner. Get in touch with us today and ask us about our side loaders.