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How do you unload a 40 FT container with side loader container?

| 2020-05-20

The sidelifter is the most versatile and cost effective piece of equipment for transporting and loading containers on the ground.With two specially designed independent cranes that can lift either one or two 20ft or one 40ft shipping container up to 37T.

TITAN Side Loader trailer is capable of self loading one 20ft ISO shipping container, one 40ft ISO shipping container or two 20ft ISO shipping containers at any one time, up to a maximum of 24 tonnes in weight.

container side liftercontainer side lifter


Unloading container with Side lifter

1) Open the engine control box, start the engine, let the engine run at idle speed for about 10s, and then adjust it to 1600 r / min ~ 2600 r / min through the regulator handle;

control system with the container side loaderControl system with the container side loader

2) Turn on the power of the remote control and the power supply of the electrical system control box;

3) Extend the inclined stabilizer legs (Note: Do not operate the boom before fully supporting the stabilizer legs);

4) Lock the four locks of the chain to the bottom of the container and rotate the rotary lock to unlock the container;

5) Use the remote control to control the boom to unload the container from the semi-trailer without interference. It is best to keep the distance between the semi-trailer and the container from 300mm to 500mm;

6) Remove the sling chain and retract the boom and stabilizer in order;

7) Adjust the engine speed to idle speed and turn off the engine and turn off all power.

Side loader containerSide loader container


With our sidelift method of ISO sea shipping container moving, we avoid the traditional method of sliding a connex container off the end of a trailer and then dropping the shipping container on the ground. With Sidelifter, there will be little opportunity for damage to the contents of your ISO container, since your container is not being tilted or dropped during pick-up, transport, and delivery.

Sidelifter will pick up your loaded or empty ISO container, transport it on our air-ride tractor and trailer to where you want it to go, then set it down exactly where you want it set down, all without tilting or dropping your container, and with minimal shifting of the contents.

ISO / shipping containers can be transferred from this trailer to a rail freight carriage / unit. This vehicle is extremely useful for the loading and unloading of ISO containers on site, especially in avoiding costly crane hire charges for loading & unloading operations.A 40ft ISO flat-rack shipping container base can be utilised with this trailer as a flatbed vehicle.The flat-rack container base can be unloaded and lowered to the floor, loaded with whatever items, products or equipment that requires movement, secured for transit and then simply lifted and reloaded on to the trailer in readiness for onward delivery to another site.At the delivery site the same process takes place for unloading purposes and this avoids working at height issues, whilst loading and unloading takes place.


Sidelifter application

The sidelifter method of delivering and collecting containers is the most accurate, precise and safe west way of handling containers.

Road Transport;Truck to Ground;Truck to Truck;Truck to Rail;Double Stacking

container side loader trailercontainer side loader trailer


TITAN produces Container side loader, 20/40ft Container Side lifter Trailer for loading and unloading 40ft 20ft container with 37 ton lifting capacity.40ft self loading container trailer equipped with wireless remote controller and manual operation.

20/40ft Container Side Loader is used for loading and unloading 40ft container or 20ft container.Lifting Capacity: The max. lifting capacity is 40 ton to meet your transport requirement.40ft Container Side Loader adopts wireless remote control technology, loading container just takes 10 mins.A power source, 40ft Container Side Loader equipped with Power take off (PTO) or Diesel APU,While typically the cranes are powered by a trailer mounted diesel engine, the cranes are sometimes powered via a PTO from the truck header tractor.


As highly adaptable container transportation trucks, the advantages of using side loaders are profuse, making them an excellent choice whenever you need cost-effective, reliable transportation delivered by a transport company. Here are five reasons why you should choose side loader transport when transporting shipping containers and containerized equipment and generators.

1.No additional loading equipment is required, making side loader transport cost-effective

2.Containers can be transferred to/from the ground, other containers, trucks, trains, etc.

3.Provided clearance requirements are met, container transfers can take place anywhere

4.Side loaders are the most versatile option for loading and transporting large containers

5.They’re more accurate and precise than other container loading/transport vehicles


TITAN have to admit that the packaging and delivery are essential steps before container lifter were sent to the hand of our customers.We have professional staff to make package. All of them were trained constantly. Please notice that the Titan semi trailer covers poncho to prevent from the damp condition.Thanks our customers feedback.

customer feedback of side liftercustomer feedback of side lifter


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