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How are containers lifted?--Container side loader buying guide

| 2020-04-30

Operation demands and notice with container side loader


Operator should satisfy the below demands

1) The operator has the duty to master the operation,installation,disconnection and maintenance work, and start up of power system.The operator must therefore be fully aware of the safety rules and devices and must also be familiar with the use of the operating controls and load harnessing techniques.The operator is directly responsible for the operation and correct functioning of the sidelifter, for its maintenance, for the load being handled and for every action he performs in the context of the duties referred to above.

2) He is able to understand and apply the rules, regulations and safety precautions.He must be alert and use his judgment to ensure his own safety and that of others .He must want to do the job correctly with mental condition.Good eyesight, hearing, coordination and the ability to perform safely all the tasks required to operate the sidelifter. He must not be affected by disorders or disabilities and his faculties must not be impaired by the taking of drugs and/or alcohol.He must be calm, able to withstand stress and use his judgment to assess his physical and mental condition.


Operator should be familiar with this machine, keep it in the best status

1) Only the person who has been trained can operate the machine.Operator must obey the operate rules, and keep irrelevant personnel away from no-go zone.Remember to stand at the same side as goods lifted to ensure best visibility of load and adopt natural and normal operation mode.Operator shall not leave operating position when lifting load or crane is running.

2) To ensure safety, check whether sidelifter is work normally and in accordance with requirements of goods to be lifted before operation. Make sure that the sidelifter is not overloaded. Refer to the sidelifter working range to make sure that the unbalance loading of front and rear does not exceed 10% of that at corresponding working range, and keep container a proper distance of 300mm~500mm from chassis if it is possible.

3) Do not operate sidelifter on soft ground where sinkage, landslide or collapse may occur, or near ditch. If it is absolutely necessary to work on soft or yielding ground,you must increase the load-bearing area by placing a stabilizer support plate between the base of the stabilizer leg and the ground in order to distribute the load sufficiently.

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4) When load just leaves ground, please ensure there is no obstacle in load traveling direction.And be sure to keep all wheels contact with ground when extending stabilizers.

Container side loaderContainer side loader


5) Do not make the container center beyond the stabilizers limits, otherwise, it may result in overturn accident.When you perform inspection and maintenance, be sure to stop engine and set all cylinders to the fully closed state. If any of cylinders can’t be closed, take some protection measures to avoid accident arising from retracting cylinder abruptly.So we need operate side lifter safely and correctly.

6) The working range of front lift equipment and rear lift equipment should be mostly same. When difference occurs, stop one lift equipment and operate another lift equipment, adjust them to enable the front lift equipment is the same work range as the rear lift equipment, then operate them at the same time again.

7) During lifting, make sure the lifter act smoothly and steady, if the container swing being lifted because of abrupt operation, stop the operation at once, restart the operation after quieting down.During operation, do not retract stabilizers.

40 flatbed container40 flatbed container


8) During operation of loading and unloading, if you have not a clear view in foreside, stop operation to check, do not operate blindly.

9) When the operation is finished, stow stabilizer leg and boom to their original position to avoid collision accident.This equipments only be operated at a single side, do not lift container at another side of inclined leg, and the container is forbidden to cross the limit plate.

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10) When perform inspection and maintenance work, be sure to avoid collision, and do no knock the parts fiercely to prevent them from distortion , and keep these parts from dust when working on them, in addition, add and inject grease to prolong their service life.All the movement parts of the machine are driven by hydraulic, when you find abnormal sound during operation, stop operation at once, restart operation after get rid of faults.


Work condition and environment with container side loader

1) Make sure that the work site is widened, before starting work, be sure to inspect the work area, paths to the work site, the presence of any obstacles and the locations of other machinery. It is not allowed to operate the sidelifter under high voltage power line.

2) The ground of working must be hard and level, the grade is less than 3% and the surface does not sink during operation.Provide sufficient illumination so that the motion of the machine and the load can be clearly seen.

3) The ground of working must be hard and level ,the grade is less than 3% and the surface does not sink during operation;Environment temperature: -25°C~+40°C;Wind speed doesn’t exceed 13.8m/s.

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Safety device and notice with side lifter

Load uphold valve of hydraulic oil cylinder In the case of failure in power circuit hose and insufficient engine power, the control valve still can hold load in current position and provide safety protection.Safety warning sign.


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