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What is a Container Side Lifter Trailer?-Side Loader Trailer for Sale in Papua New Guinea

TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-01-05

TITAN Sidelifter Trailer includes 20ft side loader truck, 20ft and 40ft self loading container trailer. The side loader trailer is a container-specific loading and unloading vehicle, which is used in container terminals and transfer yards. The role of side loader container trailer is to realize container handling, such as loading and unloading of container flatbed trailer.

Type of container self loading trailer

According to the type of transportation container, it is divided into 20ft and 40ft container side lifter; According to different transport chassis, it can be divided into self loader truck and side loader trailer; According to the different tonnage of lifting, it can be divided into 16 tons, 25 tons, 37 tons, 45 tons of Hammar side lifter, of which 37 tons and 45 tons are the best sales.

Side Loader Truck Trailer for SaleSide Loader Truck Trailer for Sale

Technical characteristics

1. TITAN side lifter can slide back and forth to adapt to the loading and unloading and transportation of standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers; TITAN container side loader is equipped with imported centralized lubrication system, and the electric control is easy to operate;

2. Retain manual emergency operation mode and safety insurance; The wireless remote control system is adopted for lifting operation, equipped with imported remote control, which is easy to operate and reliable in micro-movement;

3. TITAN side loader trailer is equipped with imported electromagnetic proportional valves for precise control; Hoisting operation adopts intelligent safety protection system to intelligently lock dangerous operations.

Container side Loader Trailer PriceContainer Side Loader Trailer Price

4. The crane adopts a dual-pump dual-circuit hydraulic system, which is not affected by unbalanced load and operates reliably; The vehicle safety control system is equipped with a one-key flameout switch;

TITAN Sidelifter equipment was designed to take on a maximum weight of 45 tonnes. However, continued innovation and development have seen recent designs take up to 47 tonnes. Most important to note is the telescopic chassis of the side lifter, This type of chassis allows the unit to contract and expand to make the desired room for accommodating a 20ft, a 40ft or a 45ft container.

The side lifter trailer technology can effectively solve the problem of no loading and unloading machinery. The military of many countries has been equipped with container loading trailer. As a convenient and efficient container loading and unloading vehicle, the container lift trailer can load containers by itself, and it can also load and unload containers for other container carriers (such as flatbed trailer and skeletal trailer). As you can see, box loader for sale is very suitable for areas where there is no container loading and unloading equipment.

Details of Side Loader Trailer ManufacturerDetails of Side Loader Trailer Manufacturer

TITAN has used this type of steel for many years. Hardened and tempered steel is much stronger than ordinary low carbon steel. This means that the amount of material in the crane can be reduced, thereby reducing the weight while still performing the same lifting operation.


Advantages of sidelifter truck trailer

1. More convenient and fast, suitable for transportation under many different conditions.  Side Lifter Container Trailer transport service employs swift and dainty movements which makes the work easy. Thus, the package can be turned around pretty efficiently with the use of these novel vehicles. 

2. No additional loading equipment is required, making side loader transportation cost-effective. Side lifter trailer transport service is very efficient in moving cargo because their vehicles are pre-equipped with all the necessary paraphernalia needed to move them. 

Remote Control of 20/40ft SidelifterRemote Control of 20/40ft Sidelifter

3. Easy unloading in tight spaces Besides being more difficult to load than steelbro side loader, tilt-tray trailers also require significantly more space to safely unload their containers, driving forward while gently depositing the container by tilting the loading bed it rests on. 

4.Quick turnaround As previously mentioned, the efficient automation of a side loader truck means they can both load and unload containers very swiftly.