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How much is the container side loader?-Common faults and maintenance about the side lifters

| 2020-04-01

Common faults and maintenance about the side lifters

For many people, It is very important for you to maintenance the Titan side lifter.It can better extend the service life and maintain good working accuracy and performance.Today very glad to share with you many ways to check and maintenance it.

container side loaderContainer side loader

1.hydraulic system pressure is too high or too low

  oil pump is dama ged, leak oil---check or replace oil pump

  multichannel change valve is damaged---remove faults

  oil level in the tank is too low---add oil to the proper position

  suction tube leak air---check or replace suction tube

  oil filter is blocked off---clean or replace filter core

  oil is used for long time, oil viscosity is too low---replace hydraulic oil

2.cylinder  leak oil

  terminal cover seals wore/piston seals wore---Replace seals

3.cylinder  is retracted automatically with load raised

  load holding valve get failure---clean or replace valve lock

  cylinder piston seals to be damaged---replace seals

4.abnormal warm up

  inhale air, oil seal is bad---check and replace oil seals

  oil level in the tank is too low---add oil to the proper position

  oil pump is dama ged, leak oil---check or replace oil pump

  system is stooped---check and remove the stopper

5.valve core not made recovery

  has dirt between valve core and body---clean valve lever and body

  recovery spring to be damaged---replace spring

  valve lever is operated unsmoothly---check operation system

  coupling bolts are too tight---tighten  the connection bolt

6.Pump not output oil stop running immediately,otherwise pump may be damaged or flow is not enough

  oil pump doesn’t work---check or replace engine connected disc

  suction tube or oil filter is blocked off---remove the jamming

  oil viscosity is too high---replace hydraulic oil

  oil level in the tank is too low---add oil to the proper position

  oil pump inside to be damaged---check or replace parts

  internal seals to be damaged---replace seals

7.Outer leak 

  Interface  between valves, o ring to be damaged---Replace o ring

8.system pressure is too low  or  no pressure

  regulating bolt get loose---adjust pressure over again

  pring or taper valve doesn’t work---check and clean pressure  regulated valve

  friction between valve lever and body---check and repair or replace  multichannel valve

9.Vibrations  in cylinder

  some air in the hydraulic system---1 exhaust the air by movement

  worn cylinder seals---2 replace the cylinder seals

10.Slowing down of  all movements,even without load on hook

  Crushed or dented suction hose---1 replace suction hose

  air suction from oil tube---2 tightness the joint of suction hose

11.sidelifter does not  lift  rated capacity load.

  inefficient pump---replace pump

  wrong relief valve settings---adjust the valve

  worn hydraulic pump seals---replace the pump seals

12.Noise  and fluctuating  of pressure are big

  Suction hose or suction  net  are stopped---remove stopper

  the glutinosity of oil is high---replace hydraulic oil

  bad  seal  for suction port and air is sucked---replace seals

  oil has air---get rid of air

  the parts in the pump were worn---replace or repair parts

  oil polluted---replace oil,clean oil tank


The details of the side lifterDetails of the container side loader

In order to respond to environmental protection, please pay attention to the following matters.

1. For our environment, please properly dispose of the waste in the products during operation and maintenance.

When operating, maintaining or repairing the product, please ensure that the waste is separated and disposed of safely.

2. The barrels for collecting solid waste (waste paper, scrap metal) are specially manufactured according to specific requirements, and the waste is recycled through recycling bins.

1) Store used batteries in designated areas and dispose of them.

Marked with "Hazardous Waste", which should be recycled by qualified units afterwards

2) Collect special waste oil in special barrels, and mark "dangerous waste" on the collection barrels to avoid leakage as much as possible.


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