Side lifters

Application of Titan side loading trailer

| 2020-03-26

Titan side loader is undeniably the ultimate reference in the sideloader industry.

Titan container side loader easily adapts to your operations, making it safe and secure, even in rough operations. It can lift the heaviest containers, even badly positioned or with unevenly reparted load inside. The double extension stabilizers give it an impressive stability, allowing you to work on soft or uneven ground. The multiple applications possible with the side lifter makes it an indispensable tool for your organization, whether it is for transfers, grounding, lifting or double stacking.

side lifters

side lifters


Application scenario:


1)Double stacking of containers

Lack of space is a recurrent feature of today’s logistics world. Double stacking of containers can be a very useful and economic solution. Titan side lifters can double stack two high cube containers on the ground without chain shorteners. It avoids to invest in a specific equipment.  Do not hesitate to contact our teams so we can discuss together the perfect product to match your needs.

side lifters

side lifters

2)37 tons lifting capacity

3)Tested up to 45 tons

4)Transfer from/to other trailers

When several containers must be delivered in the same yard, Container side lifter can pick up the containers on the companion trailers to ground them. Waiting time for trucks and trailers is drastically reduced, thus improving the efficiency and profitability of each trip.

container side loader

5)Safe and secure

6)The ultimate reference in the sideloader industry

7)Grounding and lifting of containers

Grounding and lifting represent 90% of a sidelifter’s tasks. Once on the ground, the sidelifter goes to another job, while the container can be stuffed or unstuffed more easily, without the need of specific infrastructure such as platforms or loading ramps. Forklifts can therefore enter the container. Side container loader range of equipments allows to handle containers even on rough ground. Do not hesitate to contact our teams so we can discuss together the perfect product to match your needs.

side loading trailer

side loading trailer

8)Most powerful sideloader on the market

9)Adapted for rough operations

10)Double extension stabilizers

11)Combinable with our all trailers


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