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Why use a Sideloader?-Side Loader Trailer Price Manufacturer

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-11-19

Sideloader, also known as a Sidelifter or self-loading trailer offers a versatile and cost-effective way of loading, transporting, and unloading containers and other cargo. It makes it possible for you to gain new business, customers and revenue in a market where container handling is constantly increasing.

Sideloader can safely handle shipping containers and other cargo from/to other trailers, trucks, or trains, or directly on the ground level, where they can safely and efficiently be packed or unpacked.

SideLoader Trailer

Why use a Sideloader?

Mounted on a truck or trailer, the Sideloader can operate with minimal manpower and without any additional equipment, minimizing waiting time, planing and making it possible to deliver seamless, competitive service.

Examples of handling operations

ISO shipping containers are by far the most common unit to handle with a Side Lifter. However, there is a huge number of other applications for Sideloaders. Here you can find a few examples!

1. Pre-fabricated concrete

Use the Sideloader to transport pre-fabricated building parts to the building project site, such as walls, floors etc.

2. Swap bodies

Can be handled with basic lifting equipment or with a top spreader when "over-sized".

3. Vehicle recovery

TITAN Sideloaders can be used to pick up wrecked or crashed heavy vehicles, safely and efficiently.

Container Side Loader Trailer

4. Cable drums

One vehicle for both lifting and transporting large and heavy cable drums, that is also faster and less sensetive to ground presure limitations and weather compared to alternatives.

5. Drilling & Crane rigs

Lift, transfer or transport heavy drilling or crane rigs.

6. Temporary housing

Lift and transport temporary office buildings, for example for building projects.

It can load-transport-unload any kind of container between 10′ and 45′. Adjusting the cranes to suit a particular container is done by hydraulic in a few seconds, and the cranes are controlled by radio remote control. Using a TITAN Side loader truck eliminates large forklifts and mobile cranes, the side loader does the job itself.

Why use a Sideloader?-Side Loader Trailer Price Manufacturer

As standard, Sideloader is lifting 36 tons, do double stacking, and transporting 20´ to 40´ containers. The cranes have an optimized and slim design, which makes the length of trailer the shortest on market.

The design and power in cranes and support legs, makes it possible for the operator to lift the containers five meters out from the trailer, which makes the operation much more efficient since the position of trailer become less important.


Considerations for Sideloader Transport

If you are thinking of using sideloader delivery for your business, there are some points to take into consideration. This mainly involves making sure your site is appropriate to accommodate this type of truck. As flexible the use of a sideloader is, please pay attention to  somthing:

1.The cargo container is offloaded from the truck onto the ground via the vehicle’s drivers’ side parallel to the side of the truck and about half a metre away. There will need to be at least three to four metres of clear space in front of the side lifter for it to leave after unloading.

2.Although most cargo containers are 2.44 metres wide, there needs to be an opening of at least 2.9 meters wide to fully accommodate the truck.

3.Make sure you have at least 4.2 meters height for travel under trees, power lines, factory/house eves, and doorways. As well, the lifting arms will need about 6.5 metres during unloading, so be sure you allow for this much space above where the unloading will take place.

40Ft Container Side Loader Trailer for Sale

4.The land underneath where the side lifter is unloading will need to be relatively level and sealed or compacted. If the site is sloped, the container side loader may still be able to unload by parking across from the slope.

Side loaders are specialized lift trucks designed for areas that are extremely tight or where loads are longer than normal and need to be transported in a sideways direction.It is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use, able to withstand the elements and endure heavy use year after year.

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