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How to Lift a Shipping Container with Sidelifter?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-01-26

TITAN Sidelifter adopts remote control which is made to order for the ambient environment, performance need, operation process, and standard, What we used is a wireless remote control, its receiver needs to fixed installation, The protection grade of the receiver is very high, it can be installed in the open air. but it may prolong the service life of the receiver is installed in the electric control cabinet.

TITAN Sidelifter Trailer includes 20ft sidelifter, 20ft, 40ft side lifter crane. TITAN side lifter is becoming more and more popular. Side lift crane trailers are designed to increase various productivity. You will be able to reduce transportation costs, increase profits and have a competitive advantage.

40 Ton Sidelifter Trailer for Sale in Fiji40 Ton Sidelifter Trailer for Sale in Fiji


How to use the wireless remote about the 40 ton sidelifters?

1.Knob switch is start and alarm switch: The system gets through power just or enters into a sleeping state, only shift the switch can start remote control ( alarm sending out a signal at this time). When need to give the alarm, shift the switch to the position marked, when release it, the switch will back to the original position, an alarm is stopped.

2.Self-lock switch is used for controlling speed: high speed is denoted by the “rabbit” pattern; high speed is denoted by “tortoise” pattern. Used for selecting operation mode: 0-no operation, L-LEG-leg operation mode, B-BOOM-boom operation mode.

Hammar Side Lifter Trailer ManufacturerHammar Side Lifter Trailer Manufacturer

3.Self-lock switch, used for selecting operation mode: when non-synchronization: left side handle to control the motion of front lifting, and the right side handles to control the motion of rear lifting; when synchronization: left side handle can control the motion of front and rear lifting simultaneously, the right side handle has no effect. Emergency stop, press emergency stop and power are switched off, all movement stopped.

4.Remote control or other place is equipped with a buzzer, which is used for warning person of the low power supply, of course, at the same time, the buzzer can sound to warn persons of the condition.

5.The handles on the top of both sides are universal proportion handle, used for lifting/dropping upper boom of 40ft side lifter, swinging down the boom, lifting/dropping support leg, retracting/extending support leg.

20/40Ft Sidelifter Truck Trailer Price20/40Ft Sidelifter Truck Trailer Price

How does the 40 ton sidelifter the container onto the trailer?

1.As containers come in different lengths and weights, the cranes can slide along the trailer chassis to move to the best location for lifting, and so that they place the container in the optimum position for the best weight distribution.

2.The 40 ton sidelifter extends and places outriggers on either side of the container to prevent the trailer from tipping. Once the outriggers are fully extended, the driver is ready to connect the chains.

3.This leg is fully extended. You can see the danger area for the lift zone marked on the leg. The chains are connected to the bottom corners of the container using the fixings. Once the lifting starts, it’s important that the driver stays well clear of the lifting zone.

4.The driver positions the 40ton sidelifter next to the container. The power to the sidelifter is provided by the PTO or power take off.

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