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3 Axle Skeletal Semi Trailer For Sale In Nigeria

| 2020-09-07

TITAN 40 foot 3 axle container chassis trailer arrived at the port and was made for the Kenya Transportation Company. 


He recognized the TITAN container chassis trailer and sent a thank you email to share the pictures and videos of the goods he received.The skeletal trailer has excellent visual effects, driving and loading performance. Kenyan customer was very satisfied after the vehicle inspection. 

Skeletal Semi Trailer is a type of semi-trailer frame for container transportation. There is also a flatbed type.

Skeletal Semi TrailerSkeletal Semi Trailer For Sale

Container Semi Trailer is welded by longitudinal beams, cross beams and front and rear beams. The longitudinal beams are welded into an I-shape (the main dimensions are 450 and 500) with steel plate 16Mn submerged arc welding. Type rectangular section.

The middle container locking device is equipped with an integral long beam to improve the carrying capacity of the container locking device. The difference between the flat type and the skeleton type is that the flat type has an additional frame and a patterned floor. The frame of the wooden container transport semi-trailer is shot blasted. The entire frame is assembled and welded on a dedicated positioning table. It has a reasonable structure, high strength and beautiful appearance.

Drawing of Container Semi TrailerDrawing of Container Semi Trailer

A container compaction device is installed on the frame, which can load two standard containers of 40 feet and 20 feet. The four container shrinking devices at the front and rear ends are of a fixed structure, and the middle container shrinking device is a concealable structure.

When loading containers, the intermediate container locking device can be lowered below the level of the cargo platform as required. Its function is to support the ground and bear the front load of the semi-trailer when the traction device is disengaged from the trailer.

3 Axle Container Semi Trailer Price3 Axle Container Semi Trailer Price

There are two types of supporting devices, single-acting type and linkage type, which are mainly composed of a supporting plate, a screw drive mechanism, a reduction box and a joystick. There are three types of suspension devices: single-axle suspension and double-axle suspension and three-axle suspension. The semi-trailer is equipped with two spare tire frames, which are installed on the left and right sides of the trailer frame, and are equipped with a spare tire lifter.

A skeleton trailer is a transportation method that loads a variety of goods, various shapes, and sizes into standard-sized containers before transportation to facilitate water, land and air combined transportation. It can realize loading and unloading, transportation mechanization, and standardization. It is a transportation method. An important part of transport modernization.


The advantages of skeleton trailer air suspension system:

In order to improve driving safety, reduce weight, facilitate loading and unloading, and at the same time meet customer requirements, the container chassis trailer suspension system has gradually used air suspension. Then, what are the advantages of air suspension?

The Details Of 40Ft Skeletal Flatbed Semi TrailerThe Details Of 40Ft Skeletal Flatbed Semi Trailer

The basic technology of air suspension mainly includes two parts: an air spring with compressed air inside and a shock absorber with variable damping. Compared with traditional steel suspension systems, air suspension has many advantages. The most important point is the elastic coefficient of the spring, that is, the softness and hardness of the spring can be automatically adjusted as needed. For example, the suspension can be hardened during high-speed driving to improve the stability of the 40ft skeleton trailer body. When driving at a low speed for a long time, the control unit will think that it is passing a bumpy road and use the suspension to soften to improve shock absorption comfort.

1. Light weight: The biggest advantage of air suspension is light weight, which is much lighter than traditional leaf spring suspension.

2. Convenient loading and unloading: Through the manual height valve in the air suspension system, the height of the vehicle loading platform can be adjusted within a certain range to facilitate loading and unloading.

3. Stable driving and good shock absorption performance: Compared with lightweight vehicles, shipping container trailer with air suspension drive more smoothly.

4. High safety: The uniform distribution of the axle load on each axle and the balanced contact between the tire and the ground can improve the overall braking performance and turning stability of the axle. At the same time, the height of the air spring can be automatically adjusted according to the road conditions to reduce vibration and help protect cargo safety.

5. Reduce maintenance costs: When the vehicle is running with no load, the air suspension can lift the axle, reduce tire wear, extend the service life, and reduce fuel consumption.


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