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3 Axle Aluminum Fuel Tanker For Sale In Tanzania

3 Axle Aluminum Fuel Tanker For Sale In Tanzania

Fuel tanker trailers are mainly used to transport liquids and petroleum. The tank body is usually made of carbon steel plate, but also can be made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, polyethylene and other materials. The oil tank trailer is different from other special vehicles. Because of its relatively high risk factor, it is often used to transport flammable liquids, so the safety configuration is stricter.

Aluminium Alloy Fuel Tankers For SaleAluminium Alloy Fuel Tankers For Sale

Diesel Tank Trailer of Different Materials

In response to the characteristics and design requirements of aluminum alloy materials, we have introduced aluminum alloy tank trucks that not only meet regulatory requirements but also ensure safety and efficiency.Compared with carbon steel tank trailer, aluminum alloys have the advantages of no collision sparks, no pollution to the oil medium, and light weight. However, aluminum alloy materials are lower than carbon steel products in strength, hardness, and plasticity, so once stress occurs Concentration will cause cracking. In order to ensure even stress distribution of aluminum alloy products and avoid stress concentration, it is necessary to prefer linear design and overall frame structure. 

 Aluminium Tank Trailer Aluminium Tank Trailer

Fuel tank trucks have many names, such as fuel trucks, fuel trucks, edible oil trucks, mobile fuel trucks, etc. No matter what its name is, we all know that it is used to carry oil substances. With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more private cars, and the use of oil is gradually increasing. This has led to the development of the tanker industry. Have you noticed? Now many people choose to buy tanker cars Why is the fuel tank truck made of aluminum alloy? 


Here are some special features about the aluminum alloy tanker trailer.

1. The aluminum alloy tanker has a lighter weight due to the use of aluminum alloy material. By reducing its own weight, the payload of the entire vehicle can be increased. The weight of a single transportation cargo is 18% -35 more than that of a carbon steel tanker. %.

2. The chemical properties of aluminum alloy are stable, and the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is more than 70% higher than that of ordinary carbon steel. The enhanced corrosion resistance greatly reduces the related maintenance cost of the tank.

3. From the appearance point of view, the appearance of the aluminum alloy oil tanker is more beautiful, and it is easy to clean without painting.

4. Service life. The excellent characteristics of aluminum alloy make the service life of aluminum alloy oil tank trucks longer. The old aluminum alloy tanks with better maintenance can also be used on the new chassis, even if the tanks are scrapped, there is a higher recycling rate. value.

5. Maneuverability. The center of gravity of the aluminum alloy tanker is relatively low, and the brakes are easier, which makes the vehicle maneuverability better. The aluminum alloy can also absorb the energy of the collision in the accident through effective deformation (the possibility of later restoration is more High), which improves driving safety.

6. Aluminum alloy is a non-combustible material, it is not easy to produce sparks, and the accumulation of static electricity is lower.

Processing of Fuel tanker trailerProcessing of Fuel tanker trailer

Advantages of TITAN Diesel Tank Trailer

1. Complete safety device, high safety. The oil tanker trailer uses explosion-proof manholes to avoid the leakage of the medium in the tank, and it can also release the gas in the tank in an emergency or fire when the tank truck has an accident or fire, effectively preventing the explosion accidents. The chemical Monoblock tanker trailer is equipped with a large-displacement safety valve to effectively prevent safety accidents.

2. The Anti-wave board reduces the impact of liquid on the tank. The inside of the tank is equipped with a thickened anti-wave board to reduce the direct impact of liquid on the tank.

3. The tank body is made of a professional canning machine and can be molded at one time. The maximum pair guarantees the degree of the solidity of the tank body. If the collision occurs inadvertently, the tank will not crack.

4. Quality inspection: test water test, air pressure test. Water injection experiment: ensure the tank is highly sealed to avoid oil leakage, Air pressure detection: to ensure that oil and gas will not volatilize under high temperature, to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive and park.

5. TITAN fuel tanker trailer tank body adopts longitudinal welding technology to reduce the number of tank welds and improve the overall solidity of the tank body by more than 20%.

6. Emphasis on safety device: The can lid is an explosion-proof large cover. After the tank collides and rolls, the can lid will not open. The bottom outlet of the tank is equipped with an emergency shut-off valve --- subsea valve.

3 Axle Oil tanker Trailer Price3 Axle Oil tanker Trailer Price

Causes and safety measures of fuel tanker trailer accidents

Petrol fuel tanker trailer should have the following basic conditions:

1. Install an effective fire cap on the exhaust pipe, and the circuit system should have a device for cutting off the main power supply. 

2.Equipped with two dry powder fire extinguishers over 4 kg, the location should be reasonable and easy to use. 

3.The tank body must be provided with an electrostatic grounding terminal, and an obvious mark is painted on the terminal; install a conductive rubber towing zone, and keep it on the ground after filling with oil. 

Package of Fuel TrailersPackage of TITAN Fuel Trailers

4.The tank body and accessories are good and effective, with no damage or deformation affecting the strength, no serious corrosion, and no leakage. The diesel fuel trailer is qualified by the qualified inspection department. 

5.The actual loading capacity shall not be greater than the approved loading capacity.

6.The relevant certificates such as the vehicle driving license and the hazardous chemicals permit are complete.



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