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Mechanical Equipment


TITAN VEHICLE perseveres  in technology  innovation and strengthen integration of digitalinformation technology and equipment manufacturing, having taken the coordinate robot spread to every corner of Special commercial vehicles. ln the meantime, ln the fields of robots, TITAN' s endeavoring to strengthen further cooperation actively with top robot manufacturers. TITAN VEHILCE overcome much many difficulties in the automation welding fields of special commercial vehicles, auto parts, steel structure, construction machinery, etc. Here I want to show you the equipment we adopt in our semi trailers production.

Firstly, Corrugated plate unmanned production line

-TITAN adopt automation welding machine of Corrugated Platelntelligent&Unmanned Production Line. Corrugated plate welding machine for side plates in trailer manufacturing is widely used in advanced semi trailers production. This control system  makes side plates of trailers formed automatically at only one time. The machine makes sure the quality of sides plates in mass production as well as enhances the serivce life for the semi trailers. Like the photo here:


Secondly, Automatic Base plate welding machine

-TITAN VEHICLE adopt Automatic Base plate welding machine. It can automatically track to weld the edges of base plate. Just move weldlng torch to the first corner of base plate, and press  'Auto Button on'  ,the machine will track and weld all seams automatically without any operator. The high welding seams will improve the service life of the heavy semi trailers when loading the cargo on the bottom floor. As I show the photos here:


Thirdly, Tank production line

-This production line adopt the most advanced international high-end double pulse TIG Flat Butt Welding Machine, Tank Rolling Machine, Automatic Tig Welding Machine Tanks machines, etc, which fully realizes auto welding for plates  and baffles plates, forming tank body at only one time by tank rolling machine.

Tank laser welding robot keep the high welding precision, intelligent acquisition welding seams, unmanned operation by tracking the seams. For our TITAN Equipment, please check the photos here: